For almost four decades Matt Canovi has stood for his country by way of military and law enforcement careers.  After his service in the USMC (1977-1979), Matt returned to get a degree in Criminal Justice and serve in Law Enforcement for many years. He's worked patrol, investigations, criminal intelligence, and as an undercover narcotics officer.  As a civilian Law Enforcement contractor, he's trained Law Enforcement and Military Agencies in both Africa, Europe, and the United States.  



Matt Canovi 7th district
Canovi for Congress

In 2003 Matt lauched his own company, Canovi and Associates, to train and advocate self defense and preparedness among the civilian population.  From 2009-2016 Matt became vocal about his views on the state of our nations leadership through his radio show, “The Gun Show”. For five years on the radio Matt has discussed current events from the viewpoint of law enforcement, national security, and how to properly implement strategies to keep our nation safe while also adhering to the conservative and constitutional principles he regards. 


Matt realizes that talking isn't enough to change the trajectory of our nation and is ready to take action on his own.  The message he will bring to Washington is simple.  The threats we face both foreign and domestic are not going to be solved by politically correct social media campaigns or lectures on how to be sensitive to our enemies feelings.  Washington has far too long been run by unqualified individuals and its time real men with the right background step up and put the safety and interest of Americans first.  We need strong borders, a strong military, and a strong civilian population to preserve our great republic.


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